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Friday, October 30

This Week's Featured Vehicles

This Week's Featured Public Sellers

This Week's Featured Dealer Sellers


Buy or sell to be entered in the drawing. Must be present in lanes at time of drawing to receive jackpot.

Total jackpot is split between buyer and seller of winning vehicle number. If one party is not present, their half will roll into the following week’s jackpot.
If drawn vehicle number did not sell, funds will roll over into the following week. Sale cannot be on an if/call. If jackpot is won, it will restart at $1,000 the following week.


This Week's Auction Details

9am-10am | All Buyer Sale: Lanes B & C

10am-12pm | Dealer Only Sale: Lanes D, E, F

8:30am-9am | Inoperative Vehicles: I1-50 - Public; I51 & up - Dealer Only

RAA offers in-lane and online bidding options.
Online bidders must be registered with AND Richmond Auto Auction to be able to bid online.

If you need help with registering to bid, call our office at 804-232-7355.